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Jun 30, 2011
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A forum system has been added for the discussion of all things electronics or whatever else we might get up to here! Be sure to create an account and let's all have some inventive discussion. Cheers.
May 1, 2011
Category: General
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It's here! My first articles on the last five years of development of an idea which sprouted out of mere curiosity. Check the TransAmp section for regular updates!
Apr 25, 2011
Category: General
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I've put the news system back together for this site so I can keep updates flowing on the front-page of what's new and about to come. Stay posted!


Welcome to my electronics website. You may know me as either W1ngs or Duo online.

UPDATE: October 18 2017!

Welcome to my site. I've returned full time to electronics repair and design after a nearly six-year stint in auto mechanics. It was fun but it's time to go back to what I love most.

I will be catering specifically to hifi and entertainment related repairs but also take on all general household and commercial electronics repair work. Jukeboxes and Pinball machines accepted as well!

Please contact me for shipping and schedule information.

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