Delica L300 Glow Timer

After receiving a great number of requests for help with the infamous Mitsubishi Delica L300 "Super Quick" glow plug timer system I've decided to accumulate my research on my website to inform others of my findings.

Common to a number of Mitsubishi engine management controllers is an issue with leaky electrolytic capacitors. The capacitors leak fluid onto the PCB and cause a corrosive reaction with the conformal coating. Once this reaction begins, it will dissolve metal component leads and traces on the board. I've repaired a number of these boards both from Delicas and Eclipses.

Initially I had only limited abilities to test Delica glow timers after repair and so decided to develop a test instrument (still in progress at the moment). I have also reverse-engineered the timer and created complete diagrams. In building a schematic of the timer I have become intimately familiar with how it works. I don't have any information regarding the firmware on the microcontroller but I can explain the operation of everything else on the board in detail.

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