Electronics Related

Electronic Products Magazine - Electrical, design engineers & hi-tech lovers! Electronic Products features the ultimate in electronic information hot tips, trends, gizmos & gadgets.

Tim Williams' Home Page - A good friend of mine on the internet; has lots to share about electronics, metalwork, and physics.

Planet10-Hifi - My colleague's world of speakers and audio-related material.

DIY Audio - An excellent forum site with discussion on all topics related to hifi audio.

Elliott Sound Products - One of my favorite audio electronics design theory sites.

Douglas Self's Amplifier Institute - Another great audio electronics design resource.

Mouser - Where I buy most of my electronics parts.


Daniel's XJ6 Survival Guide-Blog - My other website where I write about life with two Jaguar XJ6 cars.

Jag-Lovers - A fine Jaguar enthusiasts's resource, filled with information and a great forum.

Autopartsway - I get a lot of automotive parts here; they're pretty good people to deal with.

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