Out of the switchbox project shown in the Custom Audio section came a keen interest to see what else I could do with the "blue-top" concept I'd come up with.

The next in line is something I've wanted to construct for myself for many years: a self-contained preamp/front-end with all the features I personally would like to have. The outline requires four line-level inputs, a very good phono (RIAA) input, internal USB DAC, low noise high output line driver (for the output stage), simple volume and input selection controls, and power from any DC source between 9 and 15 volts.

The blue-top plexiglas face concept fits my requirements in terms of layout and looks and the beginning of the project is as you see below.

I haven't made any innards for this yet as I'm still in the design phase. Once the prototypes are tested the fun part will begin! I'll be sure to keep this section updated with my progress.

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