Repair Service

The most common problem with Delica glow system timers is due to electrolytic capacitor failures. As the capacitors fail and leak fluid onto the board they cause corrosion which eventually destroys component pins and board traces. It is possible to repair and reconstruct the board in almost every instance. The affected components are removed, the board cleaned and conformal coating removed from affected areas and the traces replicated with fine wires or copper foil. After the board is repaired, any good original components are cleaned and replaced while bad ones are replaced with new parts. A test is performed for full functionality and a new conformal coat applied to protect the work.

Other failure modes than the above do occur but at a much lower rate. Sometimes wiring faults in the vehicle cause damage to the timer but this is rare.

I offer a service to repair and test glow plug controllers for Delicas. Included in the service is everything mentioned above and also any required parts and supplies.

If you wish to have me refurbish your timer, please contact me at