Updates & Upgrades

In this section of the projects pages I document the upgrade and update process I go through on various electronics equipment for my customers. These improvements include replacement of weak, failing, or simply low-quality parts with modern high quality ones. Commonly electrolytic, wax, and paper capacitors and old carbon resistors are the first things that need to be replaced especially in antique electronics. Switches, potentiometers, lamps, fuse holders, connectors, and many other components can also be upgraded to improve performance and functionality.

A most popular upgrade is to remove existing power cords and replace them with fixed IEC receptacles as seen on computers and most professional audio gear. This cleans up the appearance of any equipment and instantly improves practicality by eliminating stray cords attached to the equipment. The user can select any IEC compatible cord he/she wishes to use and will find they are very readily available.

As you can see the IEC receptacle fits in reasonably well though it can be a bit cramped on some equipment. In most cases there is sufficient space to make it work. Also on the above A402 I've replaced the original spring-loaded speaker connectors with five-way banana jacks. There wasn't enough space to maintain the dual speaker systems and thus only a single system is accommodated here. I didn't mind giving up the dual system function as I never use it and better jacks were more important.

For the Citation Sixteen the IEC receptacle seemed like it should have been there from the factory. Also new are the fuse holders and RCA jacks. The original RCA jacks were of low-quality and flimsy. The fuse holders were originally mounted within the chassis but holes are factory punched for them to be external. All I had to do was fit the holders in the original holes and it is as you see here.

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